The economic situation in the world is unstable

The dollar and the euro keep growing, thus devaluing less popular currencies. This can lead to a financial crisis and impoverishment of the population as foreign goods become more expensive.

We have the power to change the course of events. Unite the national economy and lift it to a new level. There are tools to help empower people to be more financially independent and secure.

Turan Coin is a reliable and stable digital asset developed in the Turan ecosystem in order to improve quality of life.


Turan Coin has a number of advantages


Unlike the national currency, Turan Coin does not rise in value or depreciate, but remains stable while maintaining liquidity.


Investing in Turan Coin is a more reliable way to preserve and increase your savings.


With Turan Coin your funds will have increased protection from inflation and national currency fluctuations.


Investing in Turan Coin will bring

Economic growth

The stable and reliable Turan coin is a currency of the future, designed to help ensure effective development of the global economic system.

An active use of the coin helps guarantee the growth of a more financially secure population and will help prevent subsequent global crises.

Wellbeing for everyone

Everyone can become more financially independent with Turan coin and will be able to:
  • buy partners’ goods and services at discounts
  • pay with coins in different countries of the world
  • acquire real estate on more favorable terms
  • transfer monetary assets to other parts of the world
  • invest in up-to-date and profitable areas
  • receive commission bonuses

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Just 3 steps

Step 1

Registration on the exchange

Step 2

Buying a coin

Step 3

Active usage of a coin


Buy a coin now and get your profit tomorrow

Become a part of the Turan ecosystem right now and get the most favorable conditions for cooperation.

Feel financial independence with Turan Coin.


Exchange rate: 1 TRN = $1.17


Turan Coin is always developing

Turan coin launch
Platform launch and partnership
Coin listing on the exchange
Turan's entry into new markets
Application launch
Launch your own map

We have reliable support


Turan mobile application

Experts are developing a convenient application to make it even easier to use the Turan coin

  • Electronic wallet

    Store, buy and sell Turan Coin

  • Messenger

    Communicate with the partners

  • Marketplace

    Lucrative offers for coin holders

  • Real estate

    Rent, buy, sell and invest on favorable terms for coin holders


Turan card

The Company is getting ready to launch Turan map which could be used anywhere in the world

  • Apple/Google Pay

    buying goods and services from any device

  • Convenience

    ability to cash funds in any ATM

  • Savings

    transferring funds without incurring high commission fees


How to buy Turan Coin?

The purchase available on the exchange www.emirex.com. Also, the purchase will be available on the website turancoin.net

How much does Turan Coin cost?

Turan Coin is a stable and reliable coin that is protected from inflation, fluctuations of the national currency and has a fixed rate of 1.17.

Which wallets can I use to store it?

Turan Coin can be stored in all multi-currency and Ethereum wallets, as well as in the Turan wallet after launching the application.

How to sell Turan Coin?

You can sell Turan Coin on the www.emirex.com exchange, as well as on the Turan wallet after launching the application.

Where can I use Turan Coin?

Turan Coin is a universal coin that you can use on the Emirex exchange. Moreover, using this coin you can buy real state in Turkey and store your personal funds in crypto wallets. After launching the Turan application, you will have the opportunity to store the coin in your own wallet. Also, using this application you will be able to pay for goods from the Turan marketplace and various services with a benefit for you just in two clicks.

Become a part of the Turan ecosystem right now

Get the most favorable conditions for cooperation. Feel financial independence with Turan Coin.

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